Staying Motivated to Workout!

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We have all seen it before; he/she works hard at reaching their physique goals to look amazing for that event and lo and behold, days or weeks after the big day they are back to old habits.   Why is that?  We have all been guilty of becoming a little complacent or relaxed when we have reached that milestone or fitness goal.  So how do you maintain the physique you have worked so hard for?

I have put together some of my favorite ways to stay on track with fitness into the New Year.

Get a Workout Partner: Believe me; I can talk myself out of working out on some days.  Having a workout partner, like my husband Wes, pushes me to work harder and try new exercises. If you have a fitness goal in mind, find an accountability buddy, someone who will actually challenge you and ignore your excuses.  As a result you will be stretched, more motivated, and see the progress you desire.

Create a Fun Incentive: You do not need to plan an elaborate getaway or vacation.  Sometimes the simple things are the most rewarding.  Wes and I have a favorite breakfast spot that we use as a reward when we push our workouts to the next level.   This also allows us to spend quality time together too; it’s a win/win.

Design a Vision Board: Everyone enjoys seeing pictures of themselves.  More importantly, pictures capture emotion and memories.  Get a pinboard and get creative!  Find fun pictures that imitate your goals, whatever they are. For those days you don’t feel like working out, a quick look at a vision board will get your mind back on track.

Pace Yourself: I have done the Santa Monica stairs with Wes at his pace and felt the pain for several days after.  Do not overextend yourself to the point where the thought of repeating the exercise another day causes you to wince with anguish.  If you pace yourself, you will be able to work out effectively the next day.

Schedule Your Workouts: You may enjoy routine or hate it.  Either way, no one can argue that a routine is effective especially when it comes to accomplishing fitness goals. Working out should be as routine as brushing your teeth; do it everyday.  You have worked hard to reach your goals so why let them slip away once the big day is over?  Celebrate and enjoy your accomplishment because you deserve it but don’t revert back to old habits.  The pain of discipline is far less than the pain of regret.

Just remember, each day you make a conscious decision to move toward health and wellness or away from it.  It all counts!

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