Meet my new Best Friend: the Samsung AddWash, Washer & Dryer

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Being a mom to two boys under 2 has wonderful moments; getting big hugs in the morning when they wake up, “hi momma’s” for no reason at all and lot of kisses through out the day.  Being a mom to two boys under 2 also has introduced me to some new experiences like bug exploration, peeing in the bath tub and lots and lots of dirty laundry.  I truly never imagined how many outfits a new born and almost 2 year old goes through in a few days.  This has me doing laundry at least a few times a week and I’ve come to realize how important a good washer and dryer are and that is why I’m writing a blog post about my new best friend, the Samsung AddWash, Washer and Dryer.

So you may be asking, what does that mean, Add Wash?  Well let’s play out a scene and you tell me if it sounds familiar.  It’s time to do laundry so you go around the house to round up dirty clothes.  You grab the kids hampers, you look in the bathroom for towels, stop in the kitchen for a washcloth and dump it all in the washer.  You add the soap, turn it on and press start.  But as you leave and walk down the hallway your almost 2 year old comes running up because he has successfully opened his milk cup and spilled it all over his pjs.  You wrestle him out of the jammies, get him into new ones and head to the laundry room.  What do you do?  You don’t want the milk to sit over night on his clothes but your washer has been in the cycle for over 10 minutes and you can’t stop it in the middle because all the water would come gushing out.  What if there was a tiny little door in the front of your washing machine that would allow you to throw in any extra clothes you need to add to your wash, without having to open the door and spill water everywhere?  Crazy…impossible you say?  NOPE!  Enter Samsung’s new AddWash Washer Machine.

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It’s a 27″ front-loading 5.0 cu. ft capacity washer (the largest in it’s class) that has a door within a door.  This means you will never have to worry about stopping your washer mid way through to add forgotten laundry and risk spilling water all over you floor.  Some other things I love, it has a Super Speed option that allows you to do a full load of laundry in as little as 30 minutes.  I’m sure all you mommas can appreciate this one because who doesn’t want to do laundry in 30 minutes or less!  It also has a steam setting that allows you to eliminate stains without having to pretreat your garments and it’s PowerFoam technology optimizes the HE detergent and lets it penetrate and clean fabrics more deeply.  The dryer also features multi-steam technology which allows you to steam items that need more freshness, like an almost 2 years olds pillow, or steam wrinkles out of your favorite blouse…ok, who am I kidding, I’ve got two kids under 2…how about steam my favorite t-shirt!  🙂  It also has vent sensor technology that detects blocked ducts and reminds you to clean your vent by sending you a text message to your smart phone.   So now when someone says “Who just text you?”  You can actually say, “My dryer!”  Crazy right?!?

Here’s some pics of our washer and dryer (don’t mind the load in the dryer).  We love this washer and dryer and I’m confident you will too!  Click HERE to learn more about Samsung’s AddWash Washer & Dryer and more amazing new appliances to make our lives easier.

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