Otterbox’s Outdoor Gear Line Passes the Kids Test!

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My family and I love being outside. The kids are a little too young right now to go on a massive hiking adventure so we decided to make an adventure of our own at our local park. Just like Mom, Nash and Rhett love their snacks so we brought along some of the new Otterbox Outdoor Gear line to hold our food and keep us energized (the energy is more for me than the kids) throughout the day.

The cooler itself was great for storing our fresh fruits and keeping them at just the right temperature, but Nash and Rhett preferred to use it as their own personal playground.

After some lid slamming, climbing and normal toddler destruction the cooler was still in tip top shape.

While I love how the Otterbox Cooler is great for camping or a day at the park with the little ones, lets not forget that this would be the perfect accessory tailgating or the occasional house party when you need a cooler to store your favorite frosty beverages!

One of my favorite accessories in Otterbox’s Outdoor Gear line is the removable side table. At any other family outing our food would often end up on a blanket in the grass with me on guard, ready to brush away any crawlers. The side table gave us a place to set our food, well away from the hungry critters and at just the right placement for easy reach.

Another great Otterbox accessory, the Drybox. If you’re like me, your idea of keeping your phone safe in rain or shine is a ziploc bag and a purse. Not the best way to protect some important belongings in the unpredictable outdoors.

The Otterbox Drybox holds anything from your phone to your keys to your wallet in one handy, indestructible place so if my phone happens to “mysteriously” fall onto the concrete there’s no need to panic. That leaves me with more peace of mind and time to focus on having another great day with the kids!

If you’d like to learn more about Otterbox’s entire outdoor line, visit your local Best Buy store or click HERE for more info!


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