Putting the Mophie Juice Pack Air to the Test in Amsterdam

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Last week I was in London for Bellator 179 Rory MacDonald vs Paul Daley.  It was an incredible night of fights and I can’t wait for Bellator 180 in New York next month.   Seeing that we were already across the pond, Wes and I decided to stay a week and go to Amsterdam for vacation.  It was an incredible trip and we tried to pack in as much as possible each day.  (see video above!)

 If you know me, you know I love to take pictures and document everything.  I have an iPhone and while they’ve gotten so much better at the battery life with new iPhone 7, I still can’t make it through a day without having to recharge my phone.  I feel like I am constantly in low power mode trying to conserve as much juice as possible until I can plug into a wall. I’ve been carrying an external charger with me in my purse, but let’s face it, they are usually big and heavy and a pain to lug around.  Fortunately, right before I left for my trip, I got a Mophie Juice Pack Air case to try out and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

I unpacked it in my hotel room and the first thing I noticed was how slim it was.  I have to admit, I thought it was going to be this big clunky case that wouldn’t fit in the back pocket of my skinny jeans.  But I was wrong.  I loved the red color, I already had a red case so that worked out well and I was happy to learn that for every sale of a mophie product marked (PRODUCT) RED, they contribute 5% to The Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS. (I LOVE a company that giveback!)

Here’s a look at the case in action when I was covering weigh-ins.

The biggest test for the Mophie Juice Pack Air came when we spent the entire day sightseeing in Amsterdam.  We rode bikes all over the city, visited Marloes Coenen at her gym R-Grip for a little workout session with Roemer, visited 2 museums and ended up back at our hotel to watch the sunset at 8pm.  It was a fabulous day and I’m thankful that I didn’t have to think about charging my phone once while we were out.   Before we went to bed, I still had 32% battery left, which is incredible!

Here’s a video I put together of our day!

Here are some of the incredible features:

  • Extended Battery: The protective juice pack air battery case delivers up to 100% extra battery with enough power to extend the life of your iPhone 7 to a total of 27 hours
  • Wireless Power: Mophie makes wireless charging easier than ever. Use this juice pack case with any mophie Charge Force wireless mount and enjoy effortless charging at home or in any vehicle as built-in magnets hold your phone in place and charging begins on contact.
  • Wireless Charging: Compatible with Qi and other wireless charging technologies, you can top off your phone and juice pack battery using other wireless charging systems, including those found at airports, coffee houses, and in many new cars.
  • Low profile with high-impact protection: Wireless power and extra battery in a light-weight form factor with rubberized support pads on the interior, built to withstand drops and hard falls, complete with raised corners for added protection against scratched and cracked screens.
  • Priority+ charge & sync:  Enables pass-through charge & sync with the included micro USB cable when connected to a computer. Your iPhone 7 recharges first, and then the juice pack case recharges itself.
  • Standby Button: Integrated standby button allows you to choose when to charge or save some juice for when you need it most. Use the LED power indicator to check the juice pack battery levels and charge status. Know before you go.
  • Forward Facing Speaker Ports: Thoughtfully-designed speaker ports enhance and amplify audio as it is redirected to the front of the case, resulting in superior sound quality.

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The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

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