Tech Toys for the Holidays!

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Today, I was so thrilled to receive Best Buy’s Holiday Toy Gift Guide!

My boys are a couple years apart and are into very different things, but this guide covers everything from the classic to new tech to toys that make learning fun. This list just cut my Google time in half and then some! Here are some of my favorites.

Augmented reality for kids! Can you believe it!? When it comes to tech, Nash knows almost as much as I do. He’s a pro on my iPad and is always scrolling his little thumbs away searching for his games. I’m sometimes hesitant as to how much I allow Nash to play with my phone, but tech is here and is here to stay. Luckily, Best Buy has a great gift that allows kids to use the latest child tech without having to lose any of their natural imagination. The Parker the Augmented Reality Bear is more than a night-time cuddle buddy. It’s an augmented reality app for iOS that turns the bear into every doctor’s favorite patient. Once you’re his doctor, all you have to do is look through your device and you can do everything from curing tummy aches to checking bones. My favorite part is, the more you care for Parker, the more you see his world come alive around him through the VR app. I can’t wait to see the future Dr. Nash open this one up!

Now, we all know how brothers are. Once one gets something, the other HAS to have one too! Rhett is a little too young for augmented reality, but with a classic Fao Sharwz Teddy Bear he still get’s his own new friend. This special edition anniversary bear has warm sweater and soft, plush fur. Perfect for hugs! As a kid, I loved dragging my special bear around me wherever I went and I’m hoping to see him take his everywhere too. (well…maybe not dragging because mommy needs a break from deep cleaning toys!) Best Buy’s list has plenty of options for kids of all ages. Sometimes it seems like my Christmas list is never-ending, but it feels great to cross the two most important ones of my list. Now that only problem is stopping myself from buying them more!


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