Friday Five

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I am so excited about this new series on the blog, “Friday Five”.

I get asked on social all the time about all facets of my life: what I’m eating, what I’m reading, what the boys favorite toys are…the list goes on. So I wanted to share a quick Five things every Friday that I am currently doing, loving or discovering! Here it goes…

What I’m reading again…

“Mind of Your own” by by M.D. Kelly Brogan – This book opened my mind to a world we all need to pay attention to. I am supportive of everyone’s beliefs,  but this is must read. Find it here

What the boy’s are loving…

HAPE Toys – they got these for Christmas and I can not pull them away from them. Best part? They are all wooden and use natural materials. Find them here

What I’m drinking…

Bullet Proof Coffee – I drink this ketogenic, fat burning coffee elixir every morning. I just posted my recipe on the blog here.

What I’m trying…

ONNIT MCT Oil – I am always trying new health products and seeing which ones my body subscribes to…will keep you posted. Find it here

How I’m moving…

Pure Barre – This is a new one for me! Again, I am always trying new ways to stay fit and switch it up and this class is KILLER! Find it here

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