Protect your family with Dojo’s Cybersecurity System!

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A couple of months ago I watched a movie starring the one and only, Pierce Bronson. In the movie, Pierce and his family live in a state-of-the-art smart home. All seems well, but he soon finds himself in a game of cat-and-mouse when his I.T. consultant starts using his cyberstalking skills to endanger his family through his technology. Call me paranoid, but movies like this always get me thinking. Although my house is not nearly as smart as the one in the movie, I couldn’t help, but think after watching it “Is my home safe from cyber-attacks?”.

I work so much online, and we do have a number of smart devices in my house so I’ve been worrying about how to keep everything secure. I received the Dojo by BullGuard Cybersecurity and fell in cyber love!

After about 15 min of unpacking I had the system completely installed and connecting to my devices over wi-fi. So easy. Nash is always playing around on my iPad so it’s great to know that Dojo is keeping a close eye to what he may accidentally pull up or attempt to download. If anything suspicious comes up, I instantly get a notification on the app and know that Dojo has blocked it.

The pebble itself is beautifully designed and fits seamlessly with my other interior decor. It’s a nice visual reminder that the Dojo is active and monitoring my network. It has given me huge peace of mind that cyber creeps aren’t snooping around my networks, or even worse, my children! Learn more about the Dojo by BullGuard Cybersecurity here:

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