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After a long week of play days at the park, taking care of boo-boos and calming down the occasional tantrum for my two boys, there’s nothing I enjoy more than taking advantage of some well-earned mommy time. Sometimes, it’s catching up on the 10 episodes of Stranger Things that have been waiting for me on my Netflix playlist. Sometimes, it’s sitting in bed with a good book. Whatever it is we choose as moms to unwind from the days, I think a lot of us can agree that an occasional glass of wine is truly the icing on the relaxation cake.

I love a glass of red wine when I have a few hours to myself, but usually one is just enough to ease the tension of the day. The problem with this is that I’m not guaranteed mommy time every night so the rest of the bottle inevitably goes to waste after a couple of days. Coravin’s Model Two Wine System has been the solution for my “oh no, another wasted bottle” problem. The model lets me pour wine without ever having to remove the cork so flavors stay in and oxygen stays out!

All you have to do is, choose your favorite wine (my go-to is Jordan red cabernet), place the Coravin Model Two Wine System on top, push the needle through and voila! Your wine stays fresh for days, months, or even years…(yes I said years!!) so you can save the bottle for the next day you need a little extra help unwinding.  

This truly is the ultimate wine gadget and a great mommy hack for enjoying some “Me” time with a glass of your favorite vino without having to sacrifice the whole bottle!

Find out about the Coravin Model Two Wine System at Best Buy HERE.

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    Too bad we must return them.

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