Must-Have Bath Items for Baby & Toddler

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Between baths and potty training, I’ve posted a lot of pictures of my boys over the past year and a half. I’m sure they are going to hate me when they are 16 and their girlfriend can find these pics on the internet, but I’ve 14 years to worry about that so I’ll keep posting. I’ve been asked a bunch on social media what some of my favorite products are so I decided to put together a post. These are all actual products I have and use and they are my absolute must-have favs!

Blooming Bath

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This was an item given to me by a girlfriend for my baby shower.  I didn’t ask for it, but I was SO glad she gave it to me.  We used it for every bath Nash took until we moved into our new house and our sink was too big.  (see next item if you have a big sink).   This is great because it’s super soft and hugs the baby.  I have to say I was super nervous giving Nash his first bath but this totally eased my mind because it kept him from slipping through my fingers.  The other great thing about this is you can throw it into the dryer to dry.

It’s $39 on Amazon and you can get it HERE

Angel care Bath Tub

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This is the bath tub I’m currently using in my new home.  I would be using the blooming bath but it doesn’t fit in my large sink.  If you have a farmhouse sink (means there’s just one big tub) then this is the bath tub to get.  It’s made of plastic and had a softer plastic scoop that holds the baby.  It also dries super easy, I hand our in our laundry room.

They are $18 on Amazon and you can get it HERE

Organic Baby Washcloths

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These are a must because baby’s skin needs the softest wash cloth possible to not irritate when washing.  I bought 3 packs of these to always have on hand for baths and cleaning up after eating.

They are $15 on Amazon and you can get them HERE

Hands Free Bath Towel

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This is an ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVE if you are going to be giving baby a bath by yourself.  For both Nash and Rhett, Wes’s been filming The Expanse in Toronto so I had to learn real quick how to give a bath by myself.  The toughest thing to figure out was how to get baby from the bath in the sink or tub to a towel laying on the counter without letting go of the baby.  If you’ve tried this with a normal towel, the towel inevitably falls into the water and gets wet.  This towel is great because you wear it around your neck, like an apron, and you just lift the baby out of the bath and put them on your chest, then you lift up the bottom of the town that’s hanging and put the hood over their head.  It even has a cute little hood that’s embroidered and it comes in a bunch of colors.

It’s $25 on Amazon and you can get it HERE

Soft Wet Brush

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I was given one of these brushes at the ABC Baby Expo last year and now it’s the only brush I use.  The bristles are super soft and won’t hurt even a newborns head.

It’s $10 on Amazon and you can get it HERE

Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Scissors

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If you’ve ever been worried about cutting off your baby’s finger when trimming their nails…well look no further.  Seriously. I was terrified to cut my baby’s nails and I think Nash wore those little mittens for an extra month because I wouldn’t cut his finger nails.  My mom told me to just bite them off (WHAT?) and so I tried that and it was a no go.  Someone told me about these scissors so I decided to give them a try.  I can tell you that I’ve never cut off a finger or even a little skin when using these scissors.  I think it’s because they have a special curve to them which makes it almost impossible.  Some tips: Cut your baby’s nails when they are feeding or sleeping.  This way they are not squirming around.  Pull back the skin under the nail with your finger before you cut.  This gives you a clear view of just the nail and makes it super simple to trim.

These are $7 on Amazon and you can get them HERE

SwimWays Disney Finding Dory Mr. Ray’s Dive and Catch Game

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Nash’s absolute favorite bath toy.  He’s been way into Nemo so I had to get this.  If you have a kid into Nemo, you should too.  Side note these are also great pool toys!

They are $24.99 on Amazon and you can get them HERE

Bath Letters and Numbers

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Another product I got as a gift from a friend.  Nash loves these in the bath and they have been great for learning the alphabet, numbers and colors!

They are $6.99 on Amazon and you can get them HERE 

Waterfall Bath Hair Rinser

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This is great for hair washing.  Yes you can use a cup but Nash likes the whale.  It also has a cool edge that you put to the baby’s forehead to keep water from going in their eyes.

It’s $9.99 on Amazon and you can get it HERE

Scoop and Drain Bath Toy Storage

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This is great for keeping all your bath toys organized and in one place.  You can scoop them all up at once and it has holes in the bottom to let the water out.  It also comes with a hook you can attach to the tub to hang it on.  We love this!

It’s $13 on Amazon and you can get it HERE

Potty Training Chair

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You may have seen recently a post of Nash potty training.  We love this one because it’s super easy to clean and it has a little spot in the front to stop him from peeing over the top.

It’s $23 on Amazon and you can get it HERE

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